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Meat Traders' Association Singapore

Established in 2001, Meat Traders Association (Singapore) is an association with members from the meat production and trading industry in Singapore. We have 76 members comprising of 55 ordinary members and 21 associate members. Since then we have been developing our import and export network across the world, recently reaching out to Taiwan, France and Latin America to diversify our sources.

What is our mission?
At Meat Traders Association (Singapore), we are committed to:

  • promoting, supporting and protecting the interests of our members in the import, export, wholesale, distribution, trade, production and manufacturing of meat and meat products;
  • working with our members to raise the standard of meat hygiene practices, safety and quality assurance for the furtherance of the meat industry;
  • collaborating with relevant authorities and embassies to diversify to new sources of meat supplies to ensure a safe, sustainable and resilient supply of high quality meat to Singapore;
  • engaging relevant authorities and embassies to develop overseas market for export of meat and meat products;
  • fostering continuous skills upgrading and knowledge sharing for the meat industry;
  • facilitating adoption and implementation of digitalization in the meat industry including the pursuit of Industry 4.0;
  • encouraging our members to promote fair and progressive employment practices.

What do we organise?

Past events include trade missions to Belgium (2018), Argentina / Denmark / Poland (2012-2013), and Chongqing, China (2019). We have also organized collaborations with NTUC U-SME, TAFEP and IMDA (2019), as well as more casual events like our Chinese New Year Lohei and Christmas events.  This year, the focus has shifted to webinars, including a meetup with French Chamber, Poland, Taiwan and Australia.

We have also been working with our government partners in Singapore Food Agency (SFA) and Enterprise Singapore (ESG) to face the challenges imposed by the COVID-19 outbreak, such as general exemptions for the workforce (as essential workers).

Singapore Coffee Association

The Singapore Coffee Association (SCA) was established in the late 1950’s by a group of pioneering coffee traders.
During the ensuing years, coffee trade developed rapidly due to the enterprise and hard work of the traders. Singapore gained recognition as one of the coffee centres of the world.

Today, as a result of the transformation, Singapore Coffee Association’s membership represents all sectors of the coffee industry, from green coffee supply chain providers, international and national roasters to well-known coffee retailers.

Singapore Food Manufacturers' Association

Established in 1967, the Singapore Food Manufacturers’ Association (SFMA) is a professional and active trade association with more than 460 members. Today, SFMA organises more than 60 industry activities annually such as the monthly capabilities workshops, overseas Tasty Singapore tradeshows and supermarket promotions, overseas study and trade missions, networking and business matching sessions. SFMA has also championed several industry initiatives that are aligned to the Food Manufacturing Industry Transformation Map, such as Food Innovation Product Award, Singapore Food Gifts Initiative, the Singapore Food Expo and Asia Pacific Food Expo to help food manufacturers innovate, internationalise and create new channels for business growth.

Employability Partner


e2i is the empowering network for workers and employers seeking employment and employability solutions. e2i serves as a bridge between workers and employers, connecting with workers to offer job security through job-matching, career guidance and skills upgrading services, and partnering employers to address their manpower needs through recruitment, training and job redesign solutions. e2i is a tripartite initiative of the National Trades Union Congress set up to support nation-wide manpower and skills upgrading initiatives.


Huber's Butchery

Huber’s Butchery has grown to be a reputable name in gourmet meat in Singapore. Huber’s Butchery is a family owned business driven by the desire to deliver the highest quality meats at competitive prices. A pioneer in the local gourmet industry, it is committed to always innovating and improving to stay at the forefront of the butchering industry. It is constantly on the lookout for higher quality sustainable products that will meet the strict demands of discerning chefs and consumers. By using traditional butchery methods coupled with old family recipes, they ensure their imported meat is presented as delicious and wholesome as possible. This passion to always stay ahead of the curve, coupled with the highest food safety standards and top notch friendly service make Huber’s Butcher undeniably the country’s finest butcher.

With the aim of offering a holistic shopping experience to valued customers at their retail store, Huber’s Butchery also makes available gourmet groceries sourced from all around the world. They have an extensive range of cheeses, wines, beers, condiments, vegetables, seafood and bread. Adding on, a well-trained service crew, butchers and in-house chefs always on the standby to answer all product queries and offer cooking advices. An adjacent Huber’s Bistro provides a showcase, with menu offerings using their selected ingredients.

Adhering to the firm belief of availing the same quality product fit for their own family and kids to all their customers, Huber’s Butchery homemade sauces, sausages, cold cuts and charcuteries do not contain fillers and MSG. Many of which are gluten free and do not contain preservatives.

Supporting Partners


ASEAN Coffee Federation (ACF) was first conceived by a group of passionate ASEAN coffee industry players who are in constant pursuit of improving and developing the quality of ASEAN’s coffee beans, so as to compete in the world stage.
On the 14th March 2013, Singapore, the formal formation of the ASEAN Coffee Federation was completed with its adoption of the Federation’s Constitution by the Board which had also held its inaugural constitutional election of coffee bearers with the President of Singapore Coffee Association (SCA), Mr Victor Mah, elected as the Founding President of ACF.

Association of Catering Professionals Singapore

The Association of Catering Professionals (ACAPS) started in May 2011, when caterers and food suppliers needed a common voice to represent the food services industry in Singapore.

With the joint efforts of a group of like-minded caterers and suppliers, ACAPS was born. The association first served as a bridge between catering businesses and government agencies — in order to raise the professionalism of caterers in Singapore. As the landscape evolved, ACAPS also matured into a platform for networking, supporting, and celebrating the catering craft.

Caterers today have moved beyond a simplistic cook-and-convey service, into the orchestration of sophisticated dining events. By rallying professional caterers everywhere, ACAPS can continually advance our industry through economies of scale and collaborative problem-solving.

Association of Indonesian Coffee Exporters and Industries

AEKI (Indonesian Coffee Exporters and Industries Association) was established as a sense of togetherness in uniting the steps of coffee exporters in responding to the Government’s problem to take part in the coffee trade system which since 1969 the World Coffee Organisation (ICO) has implemented quota for its members.

Barista Association of Thailand

The Barista Association of Thailand (BAT) was established with aims to promote coffee-making among interested members of the public and to help raise as well as set higher standards for the ‘barista’ profession. We also focus on developing the skills of Thai baristas for international competitions while acting as a meeting point for members to exchange their knowledge and experience, and performing the role of a coordinator for all related international organizations.

Central and Eastern European Chamber of Commerce

Central and Eastern European Chamber of Commerce (Singapore) – CEEC is an institution for both individuals and companies to connect, develop and strengthen common business interests and opportunities between each other, CEE and Singapore. The Chamber is a platform for CEE organisations to raise awareness of their innovation, products, technology and culture outside of their region. Visit CEEC’s website to get in touch and join a dynamic professional community who can support and contribute to your success.

French Chamber of Commerce Singapore

Established in 1979, the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore belongs to a worldwide network of 127 French Chambers (CCIFI) in 92 countries with over 37,000 companies. One of the most active Chambers in Asia, the French Chamber is a private association that promotes mutually beneficial trade relations between Singapore & France.

Our mission consists of connecting, promoting, bringing together a strong business network of companies and boosting their development in Singapore and in the region. We represent a dynamic business platform of over 650 companies and individual members representing a total network of 7,000 contacts in Singapore.

Our vision is to be the most vibrant business network and trustful partner for business development in Singapore and in the region, offering a comprehensive platform of competitive, efficient and customised services.

As the official “Team France Export” representative, we are the one-stop shop for French companies in their export and development in Singapore.

The Hong Kong Exporters' Association

The Hong Kong Exporters’ Association (HKEA) was founded in 1955. HKEA is committed to safeguarding the interests and progressing the business opportunities of Hong Kong exporters. Upon the ever-changing global economic and trade pattern, we endeavor to develop Hong Kong as a trading hub for exporters.

Furthermore, by partnering with Palexpo, Geneva, organiser of The International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, HKEA organises Asia Exhibition of Inventions Hong Kong (AEI) cum competition to spotlight the technological innovation (artificial intelligence, big data, robotics, VR, etc), entrepreneurship and other inventions from Asia.

HKEA also organises the “Hong Kong Smart Design Awards (HKSDA)” (formerly known as “Hong Kong Smart Gifts Design Awards”) aiming to promote Hong Kong Design locally and globally to assist Hong Kong enterprises in upgrading from OEM to ODM and OBM, which eventually empowers Hong Kong to become a major quality design product sourcing hub in Asia.

Hong Kong Food Professionals Association

Hong Kong Food Professionals Association (HKFPA), founded in 2011, was established by a team of food professionals with enthusiasm. Our mission is to strengthen the professional knowledge on food quality and safety among local food industries and food-related business. Our ultimate goal is to maintain Hong Kong’s international high reputation on food safety. Being one of the leading food professional organizations, HKFPA brings together industry, academics, practitioners and government to share food knowledge, minimize food waste, promote healthy eating, influence the development of food safety, strengthen food testing and certification management, educate public on food hygiene, help to shape government food policy and to inform the public on latest food policy implementation.

In the past nine years, we have organized few seminars and training courses for local food industries. We also linked up with food industries in Taiwan and Mainland China via industrial visit tours.

Lao Coffee Association

The Lao Coffee Association (LCA) represents the coffee stakeholders in Lao P.D.R (producers, roasters, traders) and has been involved with the sector for 20 years. The Lao Coffee Association’s overall objective is to promote the Lao coffee sector and represent the Lao coffee stakeholders both on the national and international level.

Malaysia Specialty Coffee Association

The Malaysia Specialty Coffee Association (MSCA) was formed with the vision to build and secure growth in the Malaysian Coffee Industry. The association consists of coffee professionals, suppliers, distributors, technicans, baristas and many young talented individuals.

We are confident that our future initiatives which are being developed within the association will be beneficial as we are working towards creating better value for members.

Myanmar Coffee Association

Myanmar Coffee Association was established in 2014 with the aim to increase income for coffee farmers and to upgrade their living quality by means of annual increase in productivity and innovation.

Philippine Coffee Board

The Philippine Coffee Board Inc. (PCBI) is a private sector-led group established in May 2002 as the National Coffee Development Board. The goal of the PCBI is to develop and promote the Philippine coffee industry through technical assistance and credit programs for coffee farmers; and through marketing and promotions of coffee for domestic and export markets.

Restaurant Association of Singapore

Restaurant Association of Singapore is the pioneer and largest F&B association in Singapore. RAS has more than 500 members, representing close to 800 brands that operate more than 5,000 outlets. Our members comprise a good mix of business models such as restaurants, caterers, fast foods and food courts, with various cuisine types, thus providing a wholesome view and opinion, with the common goal to propel the industry forward.

Since 1980, RAS has acted as a collective voice for the F&B industry and strives to advance the industry through various platforms such as bridging closer working relationships between businesses and government agencies, networking events for members, recognition and awards platforms and administering programmes to drive business success.

RAS’ vision is to be the APEX body representing the F&B Industry, providing members with trusted resources for continued business growth.

Have a platform where your opinions and views of the industry are represented, and join us a member today!

Restaurant Association of Vietnam

Restaurant Association of Vietnam (RAV) is a social enterprise that has been developed since 2017, using a public – private cooperation model that aims to develop the food, beverage and restaurant industry in Vietnam. After much effort and work dedication, RAV marks an important step in its growth as on 21st March 2019, RAV is honored to be the representative of Vietnam to sign the MOU with other five restaurant associations: Singapore, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines to form ASEAN Restaurant Associations Alliance. By signing the MOU, RAV and the other restaurant associations are sharing the same missions:

  • Commitment to Quality
  • Dedication to Education
  • Sensitivity to Environment
  • Encouragement of Culture and Economic Exchange
Singapore-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce

The Singaporean-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (SGC) is part of a network of 140 offices of the German bilateral Chambers of Industry and Commerce abroad in 92 countries. The Chamber is one of the largest national Business Chambers in Singapore with a membership of close to 550 representatives from a variety of industries from Germany and Singapore. The SGC is a valuable and well established networking platform and well connected with authorities in Singapore and Germany.

Speciality Coffee Association of Indonesia

In 2007, several Indonesia coffee farmer groups, exporters, roasters and retailers decided to form a Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia (SCAI) to improve and increase the quality of Indonesian Arabica coffee quality and quantity. SCAI was founded in 2008 and its membership are open to individuals, institutions and coffee community who deal with specialty coffee (formerly only Arabica but later Fine Robusta also available) from Indonesia. All Including individual farmers, farmers group, buyers, roaters, exporters, retailers and individual/person who have the same mission.

Thai Coffee Association

Thai Coffee Association was established in year 1982 in the name of Thai Coffee Association. The objectives of the association was to support and develop Thai coffee to be known in the global market. The association worked closely with coffee farmers and the Thai government to enroll Thailand as a member of International Coffee Organisation (ICO).

Vietnam Coffee and Cocoa Association

Currently, the Vietnam Coffee – Cocoa Association (VICOFA) has over 100 members who are enterprises, companies, production and processing enterprises purchasing, exporting, coffee and cocoa, research centers and research institutes, in the country from the North to the South in both Robusta and Arabica coffee regions.

The Association always want to receive new members and expand cooperation with organisations and businesses of domestic and foreign economic sectors in the field of coffee and cocoa.

Media Partners

Asiawide Franchise

Asiawide Franchise Consultants Pte Ltd (AFC) is one of the most experienced franchise consulting companies in Asia. We currently have close to 70 franchise and associated offices in almost 50 nations. For close to 30 years, we have helped close to 900 companies in Asia to develop their franchise systems to expand locally and worldwide.

With our worldwide network, in-depth knowledge, insight (our consultants have managed franchise companies before joining us) and qualifications – e.g. CFE, CPC and PMC (Senior PMC), we are able to help clients from various industries to develop very strategic and effective franchise packages, conduct incisive franchise audits, help franchisors find suitable franchisees in various parts of the world, and to develop a market entry strategic plan into foreign territories. We also act on the franchisor’s behalf in executing certain affairs (e.g. training, termination, etc.). Our sister company Asiawide Trends Pte Ltd is the publisher of the world’s only English-Chinese Asia Franchise & Business Opportunities magazine that is very popular in Asia since March 1994. We are the most active consulting company in Asia as we participate in over 30 franchise-related shows in Asia every year.

We have been awarded many awards, e.g. for contributing to the growth of franchising by CCFA (China), ACFPT (Taiwan), and ARFF (ASEAN-wide, headquartered in Malaysia) etc.

We know franchising.


AsiaX is an informative business online media that disseminate useful information for people working in Singapore and in the world.

It covers local news, interview, columns, and job vacancy information. We offer a variety of up to date topics that are valuable for business such as current affairs and social issue in Singapore, economic and financial, trends, laws, culture/events, F&B topics etc.

Capital Asia

Capital Asia is a publication covering a wide spectrum of business and investment topics. Established as an economic powerhouse ranked second globally, China has initiated a financial movement sweeping across businesses and investments across Asia.

With overwhelming influence and speed, the need for detailed coverage of this movement became essential for any individual with the slightest inclination towards economic literacy.

From its objective, Capital Asia became a beacon of information for a wide array of readers, majority of businessmen and women with a plan to penetrate the growing China market or establish a beneficial investment. Our publication is a household purchase of the financial pioneers and experts in every circulating market across Asia.

Hence, Capital Asia came to include various topics including accounting and financing reporting, banking, capital markets, corporate governance, risk management and compliance, private equity and real estate just to name a few.

HR Asia

The HR Asia Magazine is an industrial motivator. The publication targets professionals handling today’s dynamic talents, serving as a source of information for best practises and up-to-date HR movements on a global scale. No longer confined to the stereotypical supporting roles, HR Asia readers are professionals taking innovative leadership, pushing past orthodox demands of the human-resource profession. We maintain ourselves as Asia’s chief source of information, citing corporate movements and expert revisions of HR practice from different culture and economies. Other than rich inclusion of HR reviews, new-world benchmarks and revolutionary progress, HR Asia Magazine also encompass coverage of on-ground developments to enable faster and more effective adaptation of decision making trends. Our objective is to define and improve the translation of ‘quality’ of HR across Asia. Our commitment has grant us claim to several achievements.


OISHII is a source of inspiration for those in Singapore and the region who are curious about Japanese culinary culture, travel destinations and more.

Guided by Japan’s seasons, the English-language aims to enlighten readers on the best food and drinks, must-visit destinations, lifestyle.

It also showcases hidden gems and lesser-known regions in Japan, highlighting the best discoveries off the beaten path. OISHII is a free publication, available online and in print.

SME & Entrepreneurship Magazine

The SME Magazine, boasting more than a decade 10 in circulation, has accumulated title familiarity with business owners in both Malaysia. Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand as a publication with the richest content for the SME sector. Our publication has been repeatedly associated with quality contents,
innovative features, inspiring articles, in-depth interviews and eye-catching visuals. A monthly publication, the magazine caters for branding opportunities of varying scales.

Our publication has the largest group of targeted readers consisting of Business-Owners, Corporate Directors and decision makers.

The SME Magazine has the highest number of SME based events with a focused clientele of targeted audience, optimised to guarantee availability of choices to achieve your goals

Tasty Asia

Tasty Asia produces and curate content that concerns the F&B space — from interviews of chefs with visions to taking note of trends. We also highlight new dining ideas and technologies that would likely spice up Asia’s F&B industry. In short, we make sure to post features that inform, enlighten, and perhaps add a dash of inspiration. Don’t miss out on the tastiest F&B trends in Asia and the rest of the dining world. Subscribe to our fortnightly e-newsletter now!

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