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The Singapore Coffee Association (SCA) was established in the late 1950’s by a group of pioneering coffee traders.
During the ensuing years, coffee trade developed rapidly due to the enterprise and hard work of the traders. Singapore gained recognition as one of the coffee centres of the world.
Today, as a result of the transformation, Singapore Coffee Association’s membership represents all sectors of the coffee industry, from green coffee supply chain providers, international and national roasters to well-known coffee retailers.

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ASEAN Coffee Federation (ACF) was first conceived by a group of passionate ASEAN coffee industry players who are in constant pursuit of improving and developing the quality of ASEAN’s coffee beans, so as to compete in the world stage.
On the 14th March 2013, Singapore, the formal formation of the ASEAN Coffee Federation was completed with its adoption of the Federation’s Constitution by the Board which had also held its inaugural constitutional election of coffee bearers with the President of Singapore Coffee Association (SCA), Mr Victor Mah, elected as the Founding President of ACF.


AEKI (Indonesian Coffee Exporters and Industries Association) was established as a sense of togetherness in uniting the steps of coffee exporters in responding to the Government’s problem to take part in the coffee trade system which since 1969 the World Coffee Organisation (ICO) has implemented quota for its members.


The Barista Association of Thailand (BAT) was established with aims to promote coffee-making among interested members of the public and to help raise as well as set higher standards for the ‘barista’ profession. We also focus on developing the skills of Thai baristas for international competitions while acting as a meeting point for members to exchange their knowledge and experience, and performing the role of a coordinator for all related international organizations.

The Lao Coffee Association (LCA) represents the coffee stakeholders in Lao P.D.R (producers, roasters, traders) and has been involved with the sector for 20 years. The Lao Coffee Association’s overall objective is to promote the Lao coffee sector and represent the Lao coffee stakeholders both on the national and international level.

The Malaysia Specialty Coffee Association (MSCA) was formed with the vision to build and secure growth in the Malaysian Coffee Industry. The association consists of coffee professionals, suppliers, distributors, technicans, baristas and many young talented individuals.
We are confident that our future initiatives which are being developed within the association will be beneficial as we are working towards creating better value for members.

Myanmar Coffee Association was established in 2014 with the aim to increase income for coffee farmers and to upgrade their living quality by means of annual increase in productivity and innovation. 

The Philippine Coffee Board Inc. (PCBI) is a private sector-led group established in May 2002 as the National Coffee Development Board. The goal of the PCBI is to develop and promote the Philippine coffee industry through technical assistance and credit programs for coffee farmers; and through marketing and promotions of coffee for domestic and export markets.

In 2007, several Indonesia coffee farmer groups, exporters, roasters and retailers decided to form a Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia (SCAI) to improve and increase the quality of Indonesian Arabica coffee quality and quantity. SCAI was founded in 2008 and its membership are open to individuals, institutions and coffee community who deal with specialty coffee (formerly only Arabica but later Fine Robusta also available) from Indonesia. All Including individual farmers, farmers group, buyers, roaters, exporters, retailers and individual/person who have the same mission.

Thai Coffee Association was established in year 1982 in the name of Thai Coffee Association. The objectives of the association was to support and develop Thai coffee to be known in the global market. The association worked closely with coffee farmers and the Thai government to enroll Thailand as a member of International Coffee Organisation (ICO).

Currently, the Vietnam Coffee – Cocoa Association (VICOFA) has over 100 members who are enterprises, companies, production and processing enterprises purchasing, exporting coffee and cocoa, research centers and research institutes, in the country from the North to the South in both Robusta and Arabica coffee regions.
The Association always wants to receive new members and expand cooperation with organizations and businesses of domestic and foreign economic sectors in the field of coffee and cocoa. 

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