Sauces & Condiments

Sauces & Condiments maketh the dish, what say you?

Maepranom Chili Paste

​Phiboonchai Maepranom Thai Chili Paste
Phiboonchai Maepranom Thai Chili Paste Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of ready-to-eat products from Thailand under ‘Maepranom Brand’ since 1959. Their products are varieties of ready-to-eat chili in oil, ready-to-cook chili, and curry pastes as well as, relishes seasonings and sauces.



Shermay's Singapore Fine Food
Singapore Singapore Fine Food is a range of Singapore sauces and crackers based on Shermay’s family recipes and Singapore’s rich culinary heritage. It includes convenient ready-to-eat condiments, such as chilli sauce (Cilicuka & Sambal Hijau), Ginger Garlic Sauce, and ready-to-cook marinade (Singapore Meat Marinade). The range of crackers features prawn crackers (keropok) and bitternut crackers (emping) which are perfect for dipping into the chilli sauces.



Batu Lesung
Batu Lesung honors the spices and time-tested family recipes of Southeast Asia. The products are carefully tailored to offer you a fuss free cooking experience while preserving traditional methods and flavours so you can enjoy authentic, gourmet dishes from your very own kitchen. 


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