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Toyo Rice Corporation
Toyo Rice Corporation is the exclusive manufacturer of Kinmemai Rice. Established in 1961 and located in Tokyo, they specialize in manufacturing rice-buffing machinery. In the 1970s, Toyo Rice pioneered the development of Musenmai, or rinse-free rice, which saves many gallons of water each year by eliminating the need for rinsing prior to cooking. Further refinements of their rice-buffing technology led to the development of Kinmemai Better White™ Rice, which has been enjoyed by the Japanese people over the past decade, and the new Kinmemai Better Brown™ Rice.


We Are Cultured

We Are Cultured
We Are Cultured comprises of several tenets which we live by daily. The main nuance of the word “cultured” touches on our foundational belief that a robust inner self is the cornerstone of overall beauty - when we are edified with loving ourselves, we make better choices, attaining an incandescent beauty, grounded in emotional and physical health, is but a consequence. Our creations are transparently crafted with maximized nutritional benefits, primed for optimal gut support and lasting restorative benefits.


Gustare Honey

Gustare Honey (Australia)
Gustare Honey offers a new range of monofloral premium raw honey produced by artisan beekeepers from Australia’s pristine natural wilderness. Their bees are never exposed to chemicals or antibiotics, increasing their natural resistance and health, to provide a tastier, purer honey. Each variety is produced seasonally in its own provenance and distinctive terroir, resulting in a truly unique product.



The GTCL Company was founded in 2013 with the mission to promote conscious eating especially in a world where processed foods have taken over diets of city dwellers. They believe that healthy nutritious food can taste amazing, which is why they actively source for unique products that are luscious and have amazing health benefits. In the process they work directly with independent farmers to source for undiscovered ingredients, and engage local communities - so to achieve sustainability not only in consumption, but also in the production of products from farm to table.



Selva Foods
Selva's artisanal batches of açaí are handcrafted right here in Singapore.
They are: organic, fair trade, sustainable, gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free, nut-free,
soy-free, no preservatives, no colouring, no artificial sweeteners, vegan friendly...
and very tasty.



Juicy Licks
All Juicy Licks foods are made with the thought of everybody in mind. Fussy, Fit, Faced. Allergy concerns. In short, we’re a supplement in a dessert, that completes a balance diet and ends your meal off with a sweet treat. We make every calorie from dessert, count. Eat your way to strength, youth, health, and that sweet new body. We mean it.



Spa Foods
Happy foods for happy people.


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